SMART CONTRACT: 0x20169e1e86e17c2bd7665c5ee913854582509403

Maxo is a Digital Crypto Payment Solution Company Focused on Blockchain Payments ecosystem. Under this ecosystem we will be building Decentralized Wallet, Decentralized Swap, Fully Decentralized Crypto Currency Exchange And First Time in Crypto History Maxo Digital is Launching Fixed Deposit Program. Maxo Payments Solutions is a cutting-edge technology that is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. By integrating artificial intelligence with Maxo network algorithms, this innovative approach is bringing advanced decision-making, predictive analysis and trading capabilities to the crypto space. With Maxo we aim to provide our users with a more efficient and intelligent platform for managing their crypto assets and Investments.


Maxo Decentralized Wallet

Maxo is a Digital Payment Company and Launching a Digital Decentralized Wallet. Maxo Wallet is support Multiple Blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB and many more. Maxo wallet provides you fully secured, Safe, and Reliable Crypto Currency Wallet system, where you can store your Crypto Currency. Maxo Wallet is the official Crypto Wallet of Maxo Digital. Maxo Wallet comes with user friendly interface and easy to use. Maxo wallet provides you a secure access key that keeps your assets safe against unauthorized access.
Maxo wallet providing you Flat 20% Interest per annum on your crypto Deposites . You can earn interest by store your crypto currency in Maxo Wallet and earn interest on daily basis.

Maxo Payment Solution

Maxo Payment Solutions is Fast, Secure, Easy, and Almost Free-to-use Payments Framework built on Maxo Network, the Worlds Most Performing Web3 Ecosystem. Maxo Pay is Built for Immediate Transactions With Cost of Fractions of a Penny, and a Net-Zero Environmental Impact. Now your Business can Harness the Power of the Blockchain at the same Speed as Traditional Payments. Just you and your customer. It not Just about Regaining Control of your Payments.

Maxo Exchange

Team of Maxo Digital working on fully decentralized Crypto Currency Exchange, where you can trade BTC, ETH, BNB and many more Coins and Tokens with Less transaction fee or equivalent to zero. The Maxo Exchange will allow you to Trade with lowest Transaction Fees. Maxo Exchange comes with Launchpad and Staking mechanism. You can List your ERC20 and BEP20 Tokens in Maxo Exchange.


Pre-Sale 1

1 JAN -15 JAN

Price $0.0000010

Launching Price $0.0000090

Pre-Sale 2

16 JAN - 31 JAN

Price $0.0000030

Launching Price $0.0000090

Pre-Sale 3

1 FEB - 15 FEB

Price $0.0000050

Launching Price $0.0000090

Pre-Sale 4

16 FEB - 29 FEB

Price $0.0000070

Launching Price $0.0000090

Pre-Sale 5

1 MAR - 10 MAR

Price $0.0000085

Launching Price $0.0000090



Phase 1

• White Paper Creation
• Maxo Token Creation
• Website Launch
• Pre-Sale Starts
• Maxo Token Launching 11 MARCH 2024
• Maxo Decentralized Wallet
• Maxo Fixed Deposit Program
• Maxo Decentrilezed Swap
• Start Huge Marketing

Phase 2

• Development of Maxo Rewards Tracker
• Listing on CoinGecko
• Listing on CoinMarketCap
• Influencer Shoutouts
• Apply for Certik Audit
• Maxo Web3 Wallets App
• Maxo Token Staking



Token Name : MAXO
Token Symbol : Maxo
Total Supply : 10,000,000,000
Token Decimal : 18
Blockchain Network : Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Maxo Contract Address: 0x20169e1e86e17c2bd7665c5ee913854582509403

Token Allocation

maxo Allocation to Sale - 60%
maxo Allocation to Burn - 20%
maxo Allocation to Promotion - 15%
maxo Allocation to Team - 5%


Maxo Team

Mr. Corlon Dege

Ms. Julie loyd
(Operation Head)

Ms. Diane Austin
(Marketing Head)

Mr. Petter Austin
(Head of DEV Team )